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To Sekou and his family,

Thank you very much for your letters, telling me of life in your village and your festivals of Ramadan and Tabaski, I hope they passed well. I imagine they feel like long ago now!

Here, we celebrate the festivals of Christmas and Easter. We get extra days off work, and give presents at Christmas, and chocolate at Easter. It was Easter this week, and so I visited family and we exchanged chocolate eggs.

You also told me about your village, and the mountain and river around it. Although I live in a large city of about 6,000,000 people, the specific area where I live is like a village. Although it is very busy everyone is very friendly and I know all the shopkeepers and neighbours near my home. I attach a picture of the street where I live.

My job has ended, because the company I worked for had to cut the number of workers, so I am looking for a new job at the moment. Don't worry for me, because I hope to find work soon! I am well and happy apart from that.

I hope you are all well; Sekou and Fatoumata who go to school, their little brothers Sira and Ardiouma, and the parents Sadio and Lassina. Best wishes to everyone.

I have enclosed some stickers for the children - football, wild birds, and some pretty shapes. I hope they enjoy them!

I really love to receive your letters, thank you! If there is anything you would like me to tell you about life here, just ask! Speak to you soon.

Take care, Flash Wilson

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