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October 2001

Dear Friend,

Hi! It is with a heart full of joy that I dictate this letter - nothing is wrong here. We wish you the same.

Now, Sekou is 7 years old so he will attend school this year. He helps his father in field activities at the moment. His father is a peasant, he cultivates things such as millet, cotton and corn. We women of our community do gardening. We plant things such as salad, carrot, onion, aubergine and sweet peppers.

The feast of Ramadan and that of Tabaski are the two main feasts that we celebrate. Also, we have a traditional game called Moribayasa. When the festival of Tabaski comes, fathers buy new clothes for their children and slaughter sheep for their families.

Best Regards,
Sadio Sangaré, Sekou's mother

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