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Wednesday December 17th 2003,

Dear Sekou and your family,

It has been a long time since we exchanged letters so I thought I would write to let you know my news and to let you know that I am still thinking of you. I hope everything there is good and you are well.

It is the middle of December and here we are preparing for the festival of Christmas which falls on 25th December and celebrates the birth of Christ. Although I do not have any religion it is a holiday which the whole country celebrates. We listen to carols, which are Christmas hymns about the story of Jesus's birth, and we listen to pop songs about Christmas too. We put up decorations in the house, my own house has stars, snowflakes, holly leaves and other things which symbolise Christmas and Winter. Lights and candles and tinsel or paper chains are also used. We take a fir tree into our house in a pot and decorate it with lights.

On Christmas morning the children wake up to find presents at the end of their bed where Father Christmas has been. Father Christmas is also known as Santa Claus and is an old man dressed in red who according to legend brings gifts for good children. Presents they might get include nuts and satsumas or other fruit.

For lunch on Christmas Day the meal is a turkey with lots of roast vegetables. Everyone celebrates and has a family meal together. Afterwards there is Christmas Pudding which is a fruit and nut pudding, and it is brought to the table with flames all over it, from burning brandy! Then everyone gives each other gifts, which have been waiting underneath the Christmas Tree to be unwrapped!

It is a very happy day for people in the UK and everyone celebrates. The next day, called Boxing Day, is also a public holiday and means everyone has another day off to recover and clean up!

I attach a picture of a Christmas Tree.

I hope that was interesting to you! I will be thinking of you as we celebrate Christmas this year.

I hope all is well and hope I will hear from you soon!

From your friend,

Flash Wilson

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