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Wednesday 16 April 2003,

Dear Sadio and your family,

Thank you for your letters, which I received recently. I was very happy to hear from you and to learn that Sekou is well. Best wishes to all of your family.

I was very pleased to hear that Plan has given you school supplies and that Sekou has started school. I was fortunate to have a good education and to go to University, and I am pleased that your family have the opportunity to study.

I am still looking for a job. Thank you for your kind wishes that I will get a new job soon. My partner has a good job so we are alright, but I am hoping to get a job soon. Because I am disabled with a bad leg I get free transport in the city as well.

You asked about rainy seasons and temperature. Here we have winter between December and February where the temperature is about 0C. We have rain and snow at this time. From March to May we have spring, which it is now. Temperatures are about 15C and we have a mixture of sun and light rain. Summer is between June and August and it is sunny. Maximum temperature is 30C but usually it is cooler, 22-26C. Although it is sunny it still rains from time to time even in summer. From September to November is autumn, where it is cooler again, around 10C. There are winds to blow the dead leaves from the trees, and more rain.

Although it rains all year round here, we do not have very much at once, so it is rare for fields and roads to flood. Life carries on as normal whatever the weather. I don't think it affects life as much as it does for you!

I have attached some photos of my area in different weather. One is during autumn when there was sun and rain together, which caused a very pretty rainbow in the sky. The other is snow during winter.

There is one other piece of news I have for you I am learning to drive a car! I have lessons every week and my partner takes me out in his car after work as well. I am hoping to be a good driver in a few months' time! Then, I will be able to get about more easily.

In June, we will be going to a music festival in the southwest of the country, for 3 days. It is called Glastonbury Festival. We go every year and this year my family are coming, so we will be able to meet up and enjoy the festival together. It is a good event when we meet friends and have fun together.

That's all for now! I hope you are all well, and that your crops and plants are growing very well.

Best wishes until we speak again,

Flash Wilson

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