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Ryk (Flatmate)

I met Ryk in 1994 and thus began a four year relationship. Nearly eight years later, we were still living together in the East End, which was a testament to our friendship. (And no, there was absolutely no confusion; neither of us would ever wish to touch each other again!) Now we are living separately, but remain friends.

Now, those who knew me back in '94 may have had their opinions of Ryk tainted by certain people who were around at the time. NOT FAIR! For sure, he is grumpy moody sometimes, and he is hell to argue with, but he is also a strong and dependable friend, and what's more he can cook AND iron!

So let that be an end to it. Furthermore, we all change, and nobody should be judged by one or two experiences from so many years ago. These days, when I'm not out with Mike, Ryk and I can be found in our local pub's beer garden.

He has a girlfriend, Anna, who lives in Latvia.

His website is at www.hidden-realms.net

This page last updated: 01 September 2022

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