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Psycho, real name Phil, has been a friend since 1994.

We are in erratic contact, he was last seen at my birthday party in 2001 but you never know when he will turn up next!

Together, as Clarkson and Psycho, we led the fighters on EleMUD through three mad, dangerous years. We drink together (tho' best not to mix him with Ben Beer, as Bad Things happen). We've been to Reading Festival together (one year with him driving us home every night and picking me up again each morning - maniac!), we've done karaoke together, we've been to Glasgow together to meet some FishWarriors (the location of the photo above), and we went to France together so that he could use my broken language skills and terrify me with his driving.

Phil is a great chap, though the name is well appointed!

His website is at www.kandypop.org.uk

This page last updated: 01 September 2022

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