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Nathan is ...yes, another geek... who I met in my last place of work.

He is also a natural redhead, and I thought we made a great team, but the heretic is now playing with bleach and dye, having been emailed stuff like this for too long.

A stylish chap in his FCUK t-shirts (yes yes, we believe that they WERE bought for you), Nathan is pretty cool, learns fast and loves being a geek - just who you want when you need to rely on someone.

Most likely to be heard saying "You're the Queen!" and "You go girl!" - in fact he first deemed me the UNIX Queen. Thanks!

[I am told to point out that most of his wardrobe is, in fact, Versace. ]

Nathan, please get in touch. Your friends are worried about you. We won't judge!

This page last updated: 01 September 2022

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