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Marrrrrrrk (Bristol Mark)

Mark (with extra "rrrrrr" to allow for his accent) is a gentle, amusing chap, who I met at QMW in 1994 when our paths crossed as tenors in the choir, at Aikido, and in the Physics PC labs.

He will probably always remember me for throwing up all over his bedroom floor. I'm sorry! I was a new student. Thanks for looking after me like a gentleman, dude!

One day, Mark was playing a text based game. It reminded me of a game I'd played on a summer school PC course, "Rick Dangerous". An adventure game. So I asked him what it was. He told me it was an online game, called "Elephant Mud". He told me to choose a name (the first thing that came into my head was [Jeremy] Clarkson), told me that I'd like to be a half-orc, and that he would show me how to be a fighter, 'cos they were best. And thus my interest in gaming was born. So blame him!

Mark is a great guy, we are in and out of touch depending on how busy we are. The last time I saw him (when this photo was taken) he lived in Stevenage, so I went to stay for a weekend. Since then he has gone to Holland.

P.S. I looked under his bed to see if he kept a stash of porn, but oh no... Mark has "What Hi-Fi?".

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