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Mike (Bloke)

Mike is wonderful. Eep, no, can't say that, someone else might want him.

Ok then, Mike is a big fat troll.

Both are equally true. On the boring side, Mike is heading towards Mangler status in the workplace, and he is kind and reliable. (Reliably late, reliably hungry... ) On the interesting side, he is up for new experiences and fun whereever we find them (whatever you're thinking, it's not what I meant!).

He is the perfect match for me, providing the freedom, balance, calm and equanimity that is found nowhere else in my life. No argument is too big. Nothing matters more than each other. There is simply nothing I can add.

His website is at www.urgle.com/~mike and my tribute is at www.gorge.org/bloke

This page last updated: 01 September 2022

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