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Magic the Gathering sales
I've decided the time has come to sell my collection of Magic the Gathering cards. They are mostly from 4th Edition to Weatherlight, but there are some as old as Revised and as new as Urza's Legacy. The Tempest / Stronghold / Urza cards are mint (still in their box or foil wraps) while the older cards are played but in good condition.

A list of rares is available as an HTML page and as an Excel file - if there are any older uncommons you're after, let me know which and I'll have a look to see if I've got them. Plus I have all the commons you could want (and snow-covered lands too).

I have some random other things, if they are of interest to anyone (collectors maybe)...

Artist's Proof
Reckless Embermage

The story with this one is a bit odd. I was in Virgin Megastore looking through the Magic section when a guy I'd never seen before came up to me and said "Have this as a present, it's really rare" and left. It appeared to be a card with a white (blank) back. I emailed WotC to ask what it was, and they told me it was an artist's proof, which are only sent out to the artist who did the art on each card, and that they couldn't say what would happen to them thereafter but that it seemed legit.

Vanguard Cards
Ertal, Mishra, Gerrard, Tahngarth

Black Lotus, Avizoa

Jumbo Card (9" x 6")
Jester's Cap

Premium Foil Card
Tragic Poet

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