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Top 10 - Gripes

These ratings are according to Flash's preference and no other basis!
  1. Cyclists on the pavement
  2. People who don't keep left as directed on the Underground
  3. People who leave phones on their desk on a loud setting and then disappear for ages while the damn thing plays a jaunty tune incessantly
  4. Music with no purpose
  5. People putting fingers in their food
  6. People who are blatantly wrong, and know it, but won't apologise
  7. People saying LOL, ROFL and LMAO when they really mean "That was mildly funny" or "heh". If you ever laugh and your arse REALLY comes off, let me know.
  8. People saying "yes dear" or otherwise acknowledging without actually listening
  9. Girly girls all covered in slap and fishing for compliments
  10. Sitting on the loo to find my feet are wet because someone tried to pee with a stiffy

Currently experiencing...

  • Litter
  • Not looking like Kylie
  • Having to tidy up

This page last updated: 19 July 2004

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