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Tuesday 26 May 2003.

Dear [Prisoner],

Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Flash Wilson and I got in touch with Lifelines in the UK to find a prisoner on death row who might like a penfriend. They gave me your details. Lifelines also sent me the latest copy of their magazine “The wing of friendship” and I enclose a copy for you.

I am 27 years old, female, and live in London with my boyfriend (who I refer to as "Bloke") and our large black cat. I work in computing - I was made redundant last year, so I'm setting up my own website design business... fingers crossed it goes ok! Bloke also works in computing, we met at work nearly four years ago. I am also disabled which makes it harder to commute to work. I'm learning to drive at the moment, which should make life easier.

I spend my spare time updating my own website - I've put information about all kinds of different things on the internet, from photos of friends and parties through to my vegetarian recipes, and even my stranger interests like photos of electricity pylons/poles! I love using the internet - you can find out information on almost anything and get the answer right away. I also enjoy listening to music - all kinds, but especially heavier sounds like Nine Inch Nails. Bloke and I are going to two music festivals this summer. We are camping, so I'm hoping the English summer weather isn't as rainy as usual!

Enough about me, why am I writing to you? Well, I've wanted to write to a prisoner for a while, but a recent article on the BBC News website about Lifelines encouraged me to get on with it. I've also been reading a website called "Dead man talkin'" which is a series of letters from a prisoner on death row. It's really eyeopening to read his account of daily life. And I sponsor two children in other countries - one in Sri Lanka and one in Africa - and I write to their families. It's very challenging to hear of life in a different culture and situation - and I guess I'd like to write to you to get a different perspective on life. I'm not after any kind of romance, just a friendship. I also hope writing will be helpful or interesting to you!

I'd love it if you'd write back - about anything you like, whether it's about you, your life, your daily routine, your dreams, stories, memories, ideas, or even just draw a picture - whatever you fancy writing about. You can just let off steam if it helps! Whatever you like to say - I will listen.

Well I guess the first letter you write to someone is always a bit strange. I hope I've made sense! Probably you will have some kind of first impression of me - well I'm quite enthusiastic and I'm better talking face to face than on paper, so I hope you will take the time to get to know what I'm really like.

Feel free to ask anything you want to know about!

Until next time, take care.

Your new friend,
Flash Wilson

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