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Monday August 18th, 2003.

Dear Dilini and your family,

It is a long time since I received your letters, four months in fact! I know it can take a long time for a letter to travel so I am writing to share my news and let you know I am still thinking of you.

It is summer here and the weather has been very hot. In fact the hottest temperature ever in this country was recorded last week, 37C. That's very hot for where we live, it is far more common that it will be raining here.

We travelled to a music and arts festival recently, called Glastonbury Festival. There are lots of different kinds of music played there, and I enjoy rock music as well as ethnic music from around the world. Is music something that is important to you?

Also at the festival there are comedians, theatre, circus and firework displays. People sell crafts from stalls in the market areas and everyone enjoys themselves. There is another festival which I am going to this week, so I am hoping the weather will be good as we camp in tents next to the festival area. There are some photos of Glastonbury Festival attached to this letter. I hope you like them.

I am still learning to drive a car, I take a lesson every week. I am getting better so I hope to qualify soon!

How are you? Are you enjoying school? I very much enjoyed your letters earlier in the year and hope you will be able to write again soon!

That's all my news for now.

My best wishes for you and your family, until we speak again.

Your friend,

Flash Wilson.

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