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Wednesday 16 April, 2003.

Dear Dilini and your family,

Thank you very much for your letters, which both arrived together. They came last week. I was very happy to hear from you and very pleased that you like to write to me.

You told me about your day and routine. It sounds like you work hard! I am pleased that you enjoy studying - there is a lot to do but it is important to get a good education. Well done!

Thank you for the photograph you sent me. I enjoyed seeing it, you are a very pretty girl. Don't worry that you don't use a camera very often, if you want to show me something you can always make a drawing to show me instead, or tell me about it - whatever you prefer.

You said you are looking forward to seeing photos of us all. I live in London with my partner Mike, so I am sending you a photo of us together. I moved away from my family when I was 18. My mother, father and brother (called Giles, he is aged 22) live 150 miles away in the southwest of England. I see them three times a year. I am sending you a photo of me with my family when we met up last year for a meal. What are your brothers and sisters called? How old are they?

I live in London, a big city with 6 million people. It is the capital city of England, so it is very large and busy. What is your village like? Our city is flat ground with a river running through it. In the middle is a mixture of office buildings and tourist attractions, and around the outside are houses and shops. The area I live in is to the east of the city and it feels like a village - everyone in the shops knows ach other and you say hello to your neighbours. I like taking photos of London and I have included some of them in this letter. I would love to hear more about your village and how it is different to where I live. I have never lived in a village!

You told me the Sinhala New Year is in April. It is April now and I am thinking of you celebrating. It takes a long time for letters to travel between us, doesn't it! I hope your Sinhala New Year goes well.

You also asked if we can visit to join you during the celebrations. It is too late for this year, and it is difficult to visit because it takes a whole day on the aeroplane. I am disabled with a bad knee, so I find it hard to travel on aeroplanes. Maybe one day it will be possible, but I am afraid not for this year or next year. I would love to visit you, but I can't make promises because it takes many months to organise. For now we will have to be patient and write more letters! Thank you for the invitation, which is very kind.

That is all my news for now. Thank you again for your letters and photograph. I look forward to hearding from you again. If you have any questions for me about life here, just ask! I love to hear about your life, too.

My best wishes for you and your family, until we speak again.

Flash Wilson, your sponsor.

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