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14 October 2002

Dear Dilini and her family,

Let me introduce myself, I am your new friend and I am very proud to be able to sponsor Dilini.

My name is Flash Wilson, I am female, aged 26 and live with my partner (called Mike) in London, England. I have attached some pictures of myself, I hope you like them!

Plan International sent me some information and photographs of you. I was happy to learn about Dilini and to see the photographs of her, she is a very pretty girl! I would be very interested to hear all about you and learn more about your way of life. I would be very happy if you are able to send me a letter or picture sometimes.

I thought I would tell you about my typical day here.

8am - I wake up. I get up and my partner drives me to the local station, where I catch an underground train into the centre of the city.

9am - I arrive at work, an office block in central London. I work with computers and sit at a desk all day.

12pm - I have lunch of tomato and cheese salad with bread and beer in a local restaurant, or if I don't have much time to eat I have chips (fried potato) or a sandwich with a fizzy drink.

6pm - Work ends, and I come home again on the underground train.

7pm - I use my computer to read messages from friends, and learn about the day's news around the world.

8pm - My partner arrives home, and we have dinner of pasta and salad, and drink wine or fruit juice.

9pm - We watch TV, listen to music and talk about the day.

11pm - I go to bed, ready to sleep until morning again!

At the weekend we do domestic chores like laundry and cleaning, and we play board games or visit friends. I also like watching cricket and motor sport events, and going to music festivals and concerts.

I expect this is very different to your routine!

I would be very happy to hear what you do and what your day is like. What interests do you have?

Well, it is very nice to write to you. I hope you soon receive this letter and that everyone is well.

From your new friend,
Flash Wilson.

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