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I am your sponsored child Dilini Nadeesha who writes this letter to my ever loved sponsor mother and father. I received your letter. I thank you with my whole heart.

I was aware of your details from your brief letter. We are spending our life very sadly these days. It is because some of our relations and siblings died due to the Tsunami Tidal Wave. We too were living in fear those days. But with the blessings of the god nothing happened to us.

I go to school these days, I am in Grade 9 now. I am 14 years old now. There are sports competitions in our school. Like you, we too experience heavy rains with winds in Sri Lanka. Now it is the festival season dawned. So I think we could live happily in the coming period. I wish you and Mike will be fortunate to get married and I wish you fortune.

Dear Mother, I like to see a photograph of you taken recently. So if possible please send two photographs of you and your family taken recently. I am fond of seeing you. Hence please visit Sri Lanka to spend your holidays. I am happy to inform that I and my family members remember you with love. I have enclosed a greeting card for the coming year 2005.

I shall wind up the letter expecting to meet you with a letter like this. I wish you a prosperous and a fortunate new year.

Dilini Nadeesha, your sponsor child

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