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Dear Sponsor Parents,

Thanks very much for choosing me to be your sponsored child. I received the letters you sent in 2003. I thank you for them and also for the photographs.

I study in year 7. I am 12 years old. You had wanted to know our family details. Here are the details. We are 8 in the family inclusive of my parents. I have 2 sisters and 3 brothers. The eldest in the family is a brother, he is Indika Ratnakumare 24 years old. The other two brothers are Desapriya 20 years Humila Chintaka 19 years. The sisters are the elder one Priyanthi Hemakumari 22 years old. The other sister is Damimi Sanjeewani Kumari 17 years old. I am the youngest. All in the family love me very much.

About our village, most earn their livelihood doing cultivation. I love the month of October, because it's then that paddy is sown. During the paddy cultivation season I go with my parents to the field after school. I love to go along to the edges of the field. Some days I go to the field with my mother without going to school. Our village is situated in a calm and quiet place. I am asking you for a small favour, that is I love to see you in person.

I hope that my sponsor mother's knee pains will be cured and so you'll be able to visit our country. I will send my photograph in my next letter.

Thanks once again for your letters and the photos. Also I hope you'll come as soon as you are OK. Till we meet in another letter we wish you a very bright future.

Your sponsor child,
Dilini Nadeesha.

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