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May the triple gem bless you!

Dear Foster Parents,

Before I write particulars of myself I thank you for having chosen me as your foster child. Thanks also for the letter and the pictures you had sent. Having seen them our family members were happy. Actually I was eagerly waiting to see a photograph of you all.

About myself, I am Dilini Nadeesha. I am 12 years old. I study in year 7. My school is in Dombagahawela Maha Vidyalya. The village where I live is in the Monaragala district. As you had wanted a photograph of myself I am enclosing one. As I have not taken any photographs for the last three or four years I am sending you one taken when I was eight years old. I hope to send you a good photograph of myself later.

This is the way I spend my day. I get up at 7am and get ready for school. I leave for school at about 730am. I am in school up to 2pm. By 230pm I am back at home. After that I have lunch. My lunch consists of vegetables. Dessert is fruits. After 3pm I attend to my schoolwork and then help with the housework. I study from about 7pm to 830pm and then go to sleep. I also go for classes on Saturdays and Sundays. My favourite subjects are Sinhala, English, arithmetic, music and drawing. I am also interested in sports. My hobbies are sports cycling, studying and listening to the radio.

I have seen you from photographs. I also like to see you all personally. So please do come for a holiday and come to our place too. I like to talk to you and find out the news.

Shall conclude till you write again.

May Lord Buddha bless you all!

Your loving foster child,
Dilini Nadeesha.

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